09 October 2012

Rather Than Being Naked #4

Untitled #39

Crushed velvet shorts, ankle boots, kaleidoscope-esque( I have a kaleidoscope addiction, the first step is admitting that you have a problem...) and a dash of  menswear quality with the hat? 

25 September 2012

Rather Than Being Naked #3

Untitled #37

That jacket reminds me of the wonders you become privy to when you look into a kaleidoscope. 

15 September 2012

Rather Than Being Naked #2

 Featuring an APC chambray button down, and the ever present McQueen skull print scarf.  Kind of like a 'rock n' roll' politician or something equally as 'business, but no-bullshit' savvy. 

14 September 2012

smash bang

I'm a fiend for styling outfits. When it comes to shopping, polyvore-ing, collaging, whatever-ing. Maybe because I'm broke as hell and like to think of the website as the lazy man's way of window shopping. Maybe it's because I'm still trying to become more comfortable with dressing the way I have always wanted to dress, dressing in what makes me feel comfortable, and dressing how I feel reflects my personality and my interests. This is a way I can do so while still working on my insecurity! Maybe it's because I simply enjoy clothing, as well as being inspired by the styles of other people.

Whatever the case may be, I find myself spending a lot more time than I'd like to admit pouring through the pages and pages and endless supply of material(magazines, lookbooks, editorials, personal style blogs) to whip together an outfit for no reason other than for a mental and visual manifestation of what sort of clothing I like, enjoy seeing people wear, and enjoy seeing people make.

The question, in short, is this: what is it that inspires people to get dressed in the morning?

14 July 2012

Mariana Z. 18. San Diego, CA.

You know, it' may, for some, be a slightly good thing that you are reminded of the fact that you were given the liberty to dress yourself at the age of two(2). I mean, who can say they were able to do that? 

A couple of weeks ago, I read a blog post that compared the different definitions of the word ‘style’ that people seem to have—and there were many. I’m one of those people that really believe in personal style--making an outfit that reflects your personality rather than just following what trends are popular at the time. What is your definition of style?
So I looked up style in the dictionary just to get a basis of the word, I found that the simplest manner of describing style is your distinctive way of doing something, or specifically dressing. Style is an expression of who you are whether it’s on purpose or not; it’s simply how you choose to showcase yourself through fashion.

And now for a really obligatory and cliché question--at what age did you know that would turn out to be something that would play such a huge role in your life? 
Well my parents like to reminisce about how they gave me the liberty of dressing myself since age two, apparently I was very persistent, so I like to think clothing has always played it’s part in my life. Although it didn’t really become something I seriously paid attention to until ninth grade, more so like a form of expression as opposed to just clothing. I still remember the first time I wore heels to school –it was frightening. 

Were you one of those little girls that raided their mothers’ closets and dressed-up in clothes 
and high heels that were comically too big? 
I actually don’t think I was, I enjoyed scavenging through her and my grandmother’s jewelry. But it’s not until recently that I’ve started raiding my mother’s closer of oversized clothing, it’s really awful but she continuously informs me of all the fabulous clothing items she once owned yet failed to keep for me. 

You have super eclectic style--what is your outfit picking process like? 
I have a very simplistic outfit picking process, I’ll just go with one item of clothing I’m really in the mood for and base the rest of the outfit around that. Occasionally I’ll put together outfits in my head before falling asleep, but they rarely look the same way they did in my head the next morning.

A lot of people have an article of clothing or an accessory that has some sort of major significance in their lives for whatever reason—their great great great great grandmother passed it down to their grandmother and so on down the line—what are some of your clothes and accessories that hold some significance? 
Oh man, that’s difficult probably my mother’s leather backpack just because it was part of her life during her teenage-adulthood years and now it’s come to join me!

What was your first major clothing purchase that was completely self-funded? 
I believe my first major clothing purchase all on my own was Jeffrey Campbell glitter litas, which funny story I received two pairs of (the exact same shoe) and have been storing a second pair in my room for nearly a year now… so if anyone is interested… 

Another really obvious style question—what are some of your favorite stores to shop at?
Oh gee, I do spend a lot of my time roaming the aisles of thrift stores around San Diego that I absolutely adore. However I will admit to doing a decent amount of my shopping at Urban Outfitters and American Apparel, they just got the essentials. ( I concur...)

Think back to when you were like 13 years old, and you started really exploring your ~inner fashionista~(to sound super cheesy), are there any outfit disasters that you wish you could completely erase from your history? Or do you not believe in ‘outfit disasters’?
I can’t really say I do, I mean I wore super stereotypical outfits with the slightest of flare so there’s not much to regret. Occasionally I’ll flip through my facebook picture and be like that’s pretty bad, but not quite disasters just slight mishaps. 

And lastly, what are three things on your current 'I need this in my closet right now, or I will die...' wishlist?
1.) I will forever mourn over being a season too late for the Miu Miu sparrow heels.
2.) I eagerly await the day I can purchase my first Chanel bag.
3.) Oh, and I’m on an eternal hunt for the perfect boyfriend worn in ripped jeans.

 You can check out Ms. Mariana's tumblr here... x